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The Restaurant

The Grand Hôtel du Soleil d’Or Restaurant :

generous, inclusive cuisine !

Spécialités d'un hôtel restaurant de Megève
Pot-au-feu savoyard
Buffet d'un hôtel restaurant à Megève
Dessert savoyard

Immerse yourself in the friendly, welcoming atmosphere on the hotel’s third floor and savour the Savoie cuisine, subtly reinvented by the Chefs Flora Mikula and Mélanie Martin.

Open every evening
7.30pm to 10pm

Traditional cuisine in Megève

Le meilleur restaurant de Megève

Enjoy dinner in the cosy setting of the Grand Hôtel du Soleil d’Or Restaurant. All the decoration has been meticulously designed to give our guests a unique experience. You will feel at home among the warm, woody shades.

Light fittings shaped like cocoa beans overlook a generous array of cold meats, wine and cheese… An authentic ageing cellar in your Megève Restaurant!

Serveur d'un hôtel restaurant à Megève

The aim of Chefs Flora Mikula and Mélanie Martin is to enhance and reinvent traditional Savoie dishes, creating a generous, inclusive cuisine. In traditional Savoie style, the first starters are designed for sharing.

Next, sample our Signature starter: the famous cheese soufflé.

To finish off your meal, the “Gros Gâteaux” from La Chocolaterie come with a surprise…